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Gary Takacs
Watch & listen as Gary Takacs reveals the exact 7 Step Process Gary used to break free from Insurance dependency to build one of the most profitable dental practices in the U.S.!
"What Your PPO's Do Not Want You To Know"
Get Ready To Discover...
  • The biggest mistakes being made right now by practices trying to break free from insurance providers that prevent practices from ever being able to scale their income and business!
  • The 'Renewable System' Gary uses in his practice and the practices of his clients to turn constrictive insurance reimbursements into breakout profits!
  • The absolute most revealing metrics you need to know now about your insurance providers... what they tell you... and what winning moves to make based on them!
  • What TWO practices in Washington state did 30 days after the CEO of a leading insurance company cut fees by 15% in order give himself and his executive team a 56% executive pay raise!
  • How Gary amplifies his practice by 20-33% a year by reverse leveraging restrictive insurance programs against new patient expectations!
  • The key to unlocking your practice insurance dependency with little to no practice disruption!
  • The most powerful 'secret' behind breaking free from any insurance plan in such a way that boosts practice profits within 30 days.
  • Advanced reverse PPO marketing techniques to literally 'squeeze' your dream patients out of their PPO plans!
  • The key to reverse-engineering ANY unsuccessful insurance plan and turning it into unbridled practice profits.
  • Gary's runaway approach to turning new patient insurance questions into instant treatment acceptance.
  • The easy way to get the entire team unchained, on board and producing greater profits than would otherwise be possible in an insurance dependent practice.
  • Gary's 5 favorite new patient sources... and the exact type of offer he uses to generate a positive ROI no matter which of the 5 he chooses!
"The Practice Profit Boosting Blueprint You Will Wish You Had A Year Ago!"
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