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Today in the orthodontic space it's not about competition, it's about collaboration and working together in support of a common goal.  As Dr. Jamie Reynolds describes it...the future is (BICA), Best In Class Apps.

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Exclusivity Has Its Benefits!

Welcome... Scale your practice, expand your passion for the specialty, streamline existing patient flows, conquer market share, increase your practice valuation, and all while eliminating dozens of software platforms.

We invite you to explore the exclusive practice partner opportunity in your community, and experience the market share shift that will follow.

See you on the inside.

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What our practice partners are saying...

What Our Live Mastermind Attendees Are Saying...

Since 2012, practice partners, enjoy closed door access to OrthoX VIP masterminds, strategies, insights, tactics and tips, for scaling, streamlining and building the ideal practice for your lifestyle.

- Dr. Sheila Birth
" Simply amazing... I have never met anyone with the level of energy Eddie brings to the table! We are preparing to automate much of what we do manually in order to keep up with the growth!" 
- Dr. Curtis Bedont
" Eddie left the greatest minds in the industry speechless. The event completely revolutionized my perspective on how to grow as an entrepreneur  and go big." 
- Dr. Boyd Whitlock 
"WOW - It changed everything in our practice, and was something we would never get anywhere else. Blew every event in the specialty out of the water! "
- Dr. Rich Hardie
" A total masterful reinvention that I am looking forward to getting implemented into my practice starting now! " 
- Dr. Thomas Horton
"I want to thank Eddie for bringing this to the table... Strap your seat belts on and get ready for a high energy adventure in practice growth!!" 
- Dr. Mark Feinberg
" In the world of practice marketing Eddie is Yoda and I am excited about being Luke Skywalker! Now we have even more wisdom to extend our reach!" 
- Dr. Jamie Reynolds 
" Without question one of the biggest no-brainers out there for any practice looking to move the needle!" 
- Dr. Greg Guymon
" I am super excited that I was able to be a part of this group and  evolution! My mindset on how to and not to educate new patients has been completely renewed! " 
- Dr. Mark Kingry
" Unbelievable... and to think I actually thought my practice had peaked.. Now we're so far out in front it's spellbinding!" 
- Dr. Victor Grazina
" Most events, programs and marketing system are like lighting a match whereas this was like working with a blow torch!" 
- Dr. Cheng Lun Wang
" Eddie completely redefined the concept of turning the words you choose and your practice marketing into a real asset!"
- Dr. Mart McClellan
" Now I understand what is going on in the mind of the prospective patients which will be remarkable for me from a practice growth standpoint!" 
- Dr. David Caggiano
" I never thought I would see the lifetime value of one single patient be 15-20k but that's the vision I see using the strategies and tactics Eddie is releasing to the the group!" 
- Dr. Tom Chamberlain
" I love the strategy on how to strategically acquire "future patient assets", and how to leverage them for future success of my practice! " 
- Dr. John Mergen
" Huge eye opener...  I know see the massive pool of new patients in my community and how to speak to them as they get closer to treatment!" 
- Dr. Chris Chang, MD
" As the first plastic surgeon to join a group of the nations top orthodontists to develop the cross discipline, all I can say is AWESOME! My practice is benefiting in a big way! " 
- Dr. Kevin Jarrell
" I'm looking at everything different now, even the words on my website as a tool for new patient conversion!" 
- Dr. William Crutchfield
" The sphere of  our influence in the area of new patient attraction just went to a whole new level! " 
- Dr. Peter Kimball
" I am extremely excited to be a part of this group and have had a ton of success with this program!" 
- Dr. Mark Lowe
" From a 50,000 ft viewpoint I realize that what I have been telling perspective patients has been off the mark and it will change my practice and success forever! " 
- Dr. Linda Hallman
" Thank you for letting me be a part of the group...  The concept of how to market to, approach and talk to a prospective patient was a major takeaway for me!" 
- Dr. Mark Farina 
" Eddie is unlike anyone I've ever known. I loved the idea of taking our marketing assets and leveraging them to establish a more profitable referral relationship with our general dentists!" 
" People that know me, know that I love conferences & have been to a million of them... This is hands down the most fantastic one I've ever been a part of.  Everything else is a wanna-be in my book! " 
- Jenna Bragg - Marketing Director
Gray & Ehrler Orthodontics
A Decade of Consulting and Coaching...
A Decade of Consulting and Coaching...


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